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# /code/disaster Musings about video games, graphics programming, and software development in general. ## News
[libGDX: Improving TextureAtlas build times](/blog/libgdx-improving-atlas-build-times/index.html)
_A story about pain-driven development._
[Two years later ...](/blog/two-years-later/index.html)
_About time! Plus, the obligatory site revamp._
## Jekyll's legacy A few older articles I've migrated from the previous incarnation of this blog.
[Smooth scrolling demo: side by side comparison](/2016/02/smooth-scrolling-side-by-side-demo.html)
_I've uploaded another version of my libGDX smooth scrolling shader demo application. It allows a side-by-side comparison of the different upscale modes._
[Sub-pixel perfect smooth scrolling in 2D games](/2016/02/subpixel-perfect-smooth-scrolling.html)
_This article describes a method for achieving sub-pixel perfect smooth scrolling for 2D games featuring upscaled pixel art. The method delivers stable results at varying scroll speeds, at a affordable overhead on modern GPU hardware._
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